Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Berkman Center follow-up

At the weekly Berkman Center blogger meeting last Thursday, there were several questions that we promised to answer later. Here they are. If any of you who attended (or anyone else, for that matter) has any more questions, please ask them here and we'll get back to you.

Libel/obscenity on the Web: How will we deal with it?

The BostonNOW online community will be self-policed. If readers see a post they consider obscene or libelous, they will report it to us via an online tool. We will review the post and take the appropriate action (delete it or leave it alone). What we will NOT do is edit it. The integrity of the blog is essential to presenting the true voice of the blogger.

What will be the ad-to-content ratio in the print newspaper?

Initially, there will be much more editorial content than advertising content, but as we grow we will be anywhere from 40% advertising to 60% advertising.

Will we resell the BostonNOW original content for syndication?

We will resell our own content for syndication and we will offer bloggers the opportunity to resell their content through a content marketplace (possibly mochila.com). Before we offered blogger content for resale, however, we would reach a revenue-sharing agreement with bloggers prior to making their content available.

What will the real estate section look like?

Initially, the real estate section will focus on homes and condos for sale as well as on interior design concepts and cool examples of interior design from homes around the city.

What is the first print run number?


Will BostonNOW sponsor events?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we are the primary sponsor of the Jazz Week which runs from April 21-29 throughout the city. We have several other sponsorships on our calendar already (a BostonNOW band competition series, among others) and we will be looking for more.

Will advertisers be able to purchase print and Web advertising? What packages will be available?

Absolutely. Advertisers can purchase space in the paper, on the Web and in combination. The packages can be obtained by contacting Bev Post, our VP/Advertising, at bpost@bostonnow.com.

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