Friday, March 30, 2007

Second Boston Blogger Meeting

Thanks to all the folks who came Tuesday to our second Boston blogger meeting (even when another organization was offering free drinks at their meeting down the road!).

I’m especially grateful for all the ideas the participants came up with regarding the placement and labeling of blogger stories in the paper (color coding or the use of an icon or both) as well as on how we should craft a compensation system (a mixture of cash, press passes, etc. based on the individual bloggers’ wishes).

We also talked about how to promote blogger videos and podcasts in the paper (screen shots and transcribed sentences) as well as how to handle blogger archives (they can live on our site or yours).

We answered questions about rights (you keep’em) and pointing back to your website from BostonNOW (that’s perfectly fine).

Finally, we talked about how to bring the sense of community on the Web into the paper by highlighting the interactivity within each blog, publishing comments either on the “Dialogue” page (our equivalent of the traditional editorial page) or on the appropriate page (sports page for sports bloggers, entertainment page for entertainment bloggers, etc.).

Keep an eye on this blog for future meetings and online discussions aimed at resolving the unanswered questions involved in bringing you, the creative online community of Boston, into world of 150,000 readers a day and onto our website.

Thanks again to all who attended and all who wrote to say they wished they could.

Until next time,


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