Monday, April 30, 2007

Send us a link to your blog

We are having a few last-minute (OK, they're later than last-minute...) bugs with our blogging functionality on, so we're going to go to a stop-gap measure for a day or two because we don't want to wait any longer to publish Boston bloggers in the paper.

So, here's what we're proposing — If you'd like your blog to be considered for publication in the paper, e-mail us at with your name and the URL of the item you'd like spotlighted. If chosen, your blog (writing, photography, videography) will be excerpted in BostonNOW's print publication with a link back to your site.

After the blogging functionality is up (later this week), we'll start the system of having you post on, but for now we'll simply point off.

We look forward to seeing your submissions.


Anonymous said...

For a paper with such emphasis on "blogging", how come you don't even turn up on GOOGLE!! It took me like an HOUR to find this website amidst everything else "boston now" and even "bostonnow" brought up. Actually, I had concluded you didn't *HAVE* a website...until I decided to just play with the URL directly. And even now, I'm not sure of this vs. discrepancy. If you own BOTH urls, then all the MORE pathetic that it's not the first thing up on google!!!!

thecincinattikid said...

Hope the blogging functionality will be working soon. Until then, please check this blog:

Lewis said...

Double blogging/submitting blog posts can be a a cumbersome pain in the ass due to us bloggers having jobs and lives outside of the computer world. Provide the functionality to pick up the RSS feeds of our blogs so that you can decide to utilize out content.

I was already featured and it was a great experience. But having us submit each time we post is a royal pain in the ass