Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Later editorial meeting today

Good morning!

We're pleased with our first edition and the launching of the first stage of our website (the bloggling functionality will be up soon!).

We're also exhausted, having stayed up WAY too late and we're postponing today's news meeting to 1 PM (we're such wimps!).

My apologies if this inconveniences anyone.

See you at 1 p.m. at bostonnow.com/newsroom/.

Bring your ideas. And tell us what you think about both the paper and the website.

John Wilpers


mi despertar said...

I have a blog...


mucha de la torre

Rhea said...

I got your first issue at the subway stop in JP today. I am impressed by the quality of it. I've worked at several startup publications (including one with Russel P.) and I know the first issues can be ragged. A few things: The design is very inviting, and beats the Metro's for readability. Great news content, features and fiction. I loved the calendar listings for the day (I was just thinking this morning, what can I do tonight, but was too lazy to actually look for something to do). You do a nice job with this. The Globe's Sidekick is too difficult to navigate. Yours is straightforward and nicely designed. Like the idea that your focus is local, local, local.

twinkleboots said...

I thought the paper was pretty great today, especially for a first issue. I was a little disappointed that the crossword seemed to have the wrong grid for the clues (or some other fairly major problem), but I'm guessing that's just growing pains. Looking forward to seeing the next edition tomorrow!